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[VA] New updates available in my HP site [Latest is Update #39, Sep 22]
04-15-2020, 05:53 PM (This post was last modified: 09-21-2022 01:53 PM by Valentin Albillo.)
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[VA] New updates available in my HP site [Latest is Update #39, Sep 22]
Hi, all:

I'll use this newly created thread periodically to briefly announce any new updates to my HP site whenever I upload them.

I say "briefly" because, unlike the 11 previous announcements, I will not describe each file but will simply list their names. If interested, you can get the full description for the files (and download the files themselves) by just visiting my site.

I'll begin by listing right now the contents of updates #12 through #15, which were left unannounced when I took a two-month vacation from posting in these forums. Let's see:
  • Note: I'll appreciate it very much if you would please refrain from posting anything to this thread, so that it only contains the update announcements and listings themselves and nothing else. If you want to comment something please create another thread or PM me for any questions or comments you want addressed. Thanks in advance.

05-02-2020: Update #12 (5 files):

HP Program VA420 - HP-41C Eigenvalues of Symmetric Matrices - Jacobi.pdf
SHARP Thread VA006 - 2005-11-30 - Sharp PC-1425 documentation.pdf
SHARP Thread VA007 - 2006-10-15 - SHARP PC1600.pdf
Misc Picture VA146 - CPU Disassembly - VF170716AS.jpg
Misc Picture VA149 - Cosmic Pacifiers - VF170720AF.jpg

05-03-2020: Update #13 (10 files):

HP Program VA417 - HP-41C Systems of Linear Equations - Gauss-Seidel.pdf
HP Program VA421 - HP-41C NxN Matrix Inversion.pdf
SHARP Thread VA008 - 2006-01-31 - Question on Sharp PC-1500A Module.pdf
SHARP Thread VA009 - 2007-10-16 - Indirect addressing on the Sharp PC-1201.pdf
SHARP Thread VA025 - 2012-05-14 - Sharp PC 1211 display change.pdf
SHARP Thread VA030 - 2012-12-02 - Sharp PC-1500 question (F2 disabled).pdf
Misc Picture VA181 - Copper Shield - VF170514AZ.jpg
Misc Picture VA191 - Brainy Mitochondrion - VF170709AT.jpg
Misc Picture VA280 - Stucco Painting - VF170430BG.jpg
Misc Picture VA284 - Space Wasps - VF170319AJ.jpg

01-04-2020: Update #14 (24 files):

HP Program VA416 - HP-41C Mate w King Bishop Knight Practice.pdf
HP Picture VA001 - HP Collection - DSCI1375.jpg
HP Picture VA003 - HP Collection - DSCI1376.jpg
HP Picture VA005 - HP Collection - DSCI1377.jpg
HP Picture VA007 - HP Collection - DSCI1378.jpg
HP Picture VA009 - HP Collection - DSCI1380.jpg
HP Brochure VA040 - The First Family.jpg
HP Brochure VA042 - The First Family.jpg
HP Brochure VA044 - The First Family.jpg
HP Brochure VA046 - The First Family.jpg
HP Brochure VA020 - The Logical Choice.jpg
HP Brochure VA022 - The Logical Choice.jpg
HP Brochure VA024 - The Logical Choice.jpg
HP Brochure VA030 - Finding Your Way.jpg
HP Brochure VA032 - Finding Your Way.jpg
HP Brochure VA010 - Pyramid.jpg
SHARP Program VA061 - PC-1211 Mate w King Bishop Knight Practice.pdf
SHARP Thread VA050 - 2018-05-30 - SHARP PC 1211.pdf
Misc Picture VA155 - Inexpugnable Fortress - VF170704BI.jpg
Misc Picture VA177 - Fractal Bugs in Fractal Amber - VF170926AE.jpg
Misc Picture VA205 - Tablecloths - VF171130AJ.jpg
Misc Picture VA209 - Atmospheric Reentry - VF171127BC.jpg
Misc Picture VA239 - Millennium Falcon - VF171014AG.jpg
Misc Picture VA251 - Ivory Spiral - VF170625DV.jpg

15-04-2020: Update #15 (21 files):

HP Article VA043 - HP-71B Advanced Uses of STRNGLEX.pdf
HP Challenge VA511 - 2020-03-14 - SRC 006 Pi Day 2020 Special P01.pdf
HP Brochure VA050 - HP31E-32E-33E.jpg
HP Brochure VA060 - HP37E-38E.jpg
HP Brochure VA070 - HP-41C.jpg
HP Thread VA007 - 2003-07-03 - General Voyager display question.pdf
HP Thread VA008 - 2003-07-04 - My First eBay burn.pdf
HP Thread VA009 - 2003-07-08 - Quiz Evaluating polynomials.pdf
HP Thread VA011 - 2003-07-09 - New HP Calculators.pdf
SHARP Picture VA001 - SHARP Collection - DSCI1382.jpg
SHARP Picture VA003 - SHARP Collection - DSCI1387.jpg
SHARP Picture VA005 - SHARP Collection - DSCI1384.jpg
SHARP Thread VA000b - 2003-09-02 - My good luck a 10C.pdf
Chess Book Review VA101 - How Computers Play Chess.pdf
Chess Book Review VA102 - Chess Skill in Man and Machine.pdf
Chess Book Review VA103 - The Chess Computer Handbook.pdf
Chess Book Review VA104 - The New Chess Computer Book.pdf
Misc Picture VA183 - Dissolving - VF171121AV.jpg
Misc Picture VA185 - Kernel Universes - VF180403AM.jpg
Misc Picture VA193 - Brainy Cell - VF171120BN.jpg
Misc Picture VA195 - Black Hole Galaxy - VF180121AA.jpg


Edited to reflect new update #39 in the thread's Subject

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