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[VA] New updates available in my HP site [Latest is Update #39, Sep 22]
07-07-2020, 09:07 PM (This post was last modified: 07-17-2020 12:35 AM by Valentin Albillo.)
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RE: [VA] New updates available in my HP site [Update #18 uploaded June, 3rd]
Hi, all:

I've just uploaded Update #19 to my HP site, namely the following 7 files (this makes 562 files in all which you can see and/or download for free):
  • Note: I'll appreciate it if very much if you would please refrain from posting anything to this thread, so that it only contains the update announcements and listings themselves and nothing else. If you want to comment something please create another thread or PM me for any questions or comments you want addressed. Thanks.
2020-07-07:   Update #19   (7 files, including *two* new Articles):

       HP Article VA044 - HP-71B Math Pac 2 Comments and Proposals.pdf    in HP Calculator Articles (scroll down to HP Article VA044)
    • 25-page article, extensively detailing the new keywords and functionalities I propose for the HP-71 Math Pac 2, an undergoing new exciting project of Jean-François Garnier, the author of Emu71/DOS.

      Now I’ve been very carefully considering what would be the most useful additions to the original Math Pac set which would still fit in the 5 Kb or so of unused ROM space available, while optimizing the usefulness and minimizing the implementation difficulty, and this article is the set of comments and proposals I came up with. It proposes and fully describes 22 new keywords, each graded for priority and difficulty, documented in HP-Manual-style fashion as if they were already existing keywords, including description, syntax, parameter types, comments, carefully-chosen full-fledged worked examples and a substantial rationale on its usefulness and why it was selected.

      A future sequel article (VA045) will include my optimized BASIC-code implementations for all the functionalities described here (which I actually used to create the worked examples and their results), to be used as a reference for the eventual conversion to Saturn Assembler code (as new keywords and/or binary subprograms), as well as being of use by themselves in the meantime, by simply calling them from user programs.

       HP Article VA040b - Boldly Going - Mandelbrot Set Area (71B).pdf    in HP Calculator Articles (scroll down to HP Article VA040b)
    • 8-page, 4-figure article belonging to my "Boldly Going" series, which includes a 9-line BASIC program I wrote in 2019 for the HP-71B and virtual compatibles, addressing and succeeding at the difficult task of computing an accurate estimation of the Mandelbrot Set's area in very reasonable times.

      Note: This is the HP-71B version of my already uploaded article HP Article VA040a - Boldly Going - Mandelbrot Set Area Modify (42S).pdf. The Introduction and References/Notes are mostly the same but the actual code Listing, Usage Instructions and Sample/Ultimate runs are completely specific to this version..
and also ...

       Misc Picture VA002 - Sample - Multiverse - VF171205AW.jpg
       Misc Picture VA013 - Sample - Dodging the Black Hole - VF171206AG.jpg
       Misc Picture VA017 - Sample - Salvaging Titanic - VF171010AE.jpg
       Misc Picture VA020 - Sample - Greyscale Palette - VF180127AN.jpg
       Misc Picture VA253 - Infinity Pearls - VF170625DC.jpg


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