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41CL and available flash pages
05-24-2020, 05:16 PM
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RE: 41CL and available flash pages
(05-24-2020 01:07 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  I believe (Monte, please confirm or correct me) that the plan is to simply change the range which is scanned when using the wildcard "*". Knowledgeable users will still be able to specify the upper sectors for scanning/updating, so they could still be used for ROM storage, however the simpler updating procedures would just not clobber these upper sectors so they could also be used for backups or other custom purposes.

Yes, the plan is to change the range covered by the "*" option for the update functions. The sector(s) not scanned would never be used for released images and would be available for user use (typically for backups.)

Currently the top sector is uncommitted for V3/V4/V5, although they are still scanned and updated. I am trying to decide if this is enough. If you are only backing up page 0x800 this is room for eight backups. But if you are also backing up the Expanded Memory in pages 0x801-0x803 you would be limited to just two backups. This is what prompted me to consider making the uncommitted space larger.

If 1F0-1F7 changed to uncommitted the images there would find another home somewhere in the V3/V4 address space. There are a number of images in prime V3/V4 real estate that should probably be moved up into V5-only space. For example AFDE, AFDF, B52B, FACC, K135, L119, MILE, P3BC, and SEAK are all military/government and have already been replaced in the V2 map.

If I move those images, then there will be plenty of room to move Hakan's code into the V3/V4 space. This will satisfy his requirement, plus make this excellent code available to more users.

So, proposal 3 is to rearrange things, moving some obscure images into V5 space, moving Hakan's stuff into V3/V4 space, freeing up more pages for more general-interest stuff in V3/v4 space, and going back to 1 uncommitted sector in V3/V4 and 4 uncommitted sectors in V5.

Does this satisfy the majority?
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