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Compucorp / Monroe 325 Scientist
05-18-2020, 02:52 PM (This post was last modified: 05-18-2020 02:54 PM by Maximilian Hohmann.)
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RE: Compucorp / Monroe 325 Scientist

(05-18-2020 05:31 AM)frasertech Wrote:  I guess Im wondering if thats the best audience for it or if this and other? forums exist and would have some sort of valuation or interest..

I am pretty sure that there is an audience here for Compucorp/Monroe calculators. It has at least one member (me) :-)

Congratulations for your find, these units really have become extremely rare. On different eBay sites in Europe one or two (in total) show up every year. I stopped looking at eBay in the States because the shipping charges, especially for items as large as your 325, have risen to astronimical figures over the last years.

Myself I have a complete (?) collection of the "pocket sized" Compucorps (320G, 322G, 324G, 326G, (340), 342, 344, 354 Surveyor, 360 Bond Trader). About the 340 I am not so sure. The Surveyor and Bond Trader models took lots of patience to find and the ones I have were actually the only ones I ever saw on eBay. Twenty years ago these calculators could be found for junk prices (I paid less than 10 Euros for some of them - in times when an HP67 would already cost over 100 Euros) but now even broken or incomplete ones fetch well over 100 Euros. Soon there will be none left.

I really like these calculators because of their incredibly solid build, their excellent keyboards and the most beautiful display of any calculator ever made.

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