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Free ACM Programming Language Articles
06-29-2020, 05:49 AM
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RE: Free ACM Programming Language Articles
These are not the usual 10 or 15 page conference papers, but in some cases the articles exceed 100 pages, so they really tell the story behind the history of a given language. The one on Javascript sounds like a fun read about the early days of the World Wide Web (does anyone remember what www stands for? WAIS? Gopher? I have the t-shirt!)

The intro to D sounds like its author was quite talented. I want to track it down tomorrow. I remember Oz 1 from the mid 90's. Wrap your head around a language in which every single statement was concurrent. I'll wait . . . (hint: statements blocked until dependent references were bound)

I skipped only F# (Microsoft bleh!) and Objective C, but may go back for the latter. I can remember playing around with a NeXT machine.

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