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(TI-59) Winds Aloft
08-05-2020, 12:00 AM
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(TI-59) Winds Aloft
An excerpt from Winds Aloft by Programmable Calculator, National Weather Digest, VoL 4, No.3, August 1979, pgs. 19-26

"                                       Abstract
Determination of upper level winds is important to many practicing meteorologists. The pilot balloon method of upper winds analysis is discussed. An algorithm is developed to calculate pibal upper winds with a programmable calculator. Program steps and sample results are presented for the Texas Instruments TI-59 calculator.

The pibal algorithm (Figures 2 and 3) is designed for use with a programmable calculator of capacity similar to the Texas Instruments TI-59 calculator/PC-lOOA printer combination. As developed for the TI- 59, it requires 50 memory locations and 515 program steps. Table 2 lists the symbols used in the algorithm. For clarity, the program uses variable names, a function beyond the capability of the TI-59. In practice, the variable names represent calculator memory locations …
As described in the following sections, the algorithm is separated into four parts: balloon height determination, data input, balloon position and velocity calculation, and determination of standard level winds.

Figure 4 shows the program used in the TI-59 version of the pibal algorithm. It lists both the program steps and the pre-programmed memory contents needed to compute wnds aloft. The program is lengthy, but does not have to be reentered for each use. The TI-59 is equipped with magnetic recording cards which allow program storage much like a full sized computer. The entire pibal program can be recorded on two cards of two tracks each, and then read into the calculator whenever needed. " 

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