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Zuse Z4 manual
09-24-2020, 05:29 PM
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RE: Zuse Z4 manual
(09-24-2020 12:26 PM)Maximilian Hohmann Wrote:  Hello!

(09-24-2020 11:10 AM)Martin Hepperle Wrote:  The first article says "The Z4 was the last computer the Nazis invented." - yes, the world (and the "journalists" mind) is so simple!

I stopped reading the article after that sentence. Konrad Zuse invented the Z4. Not "The Nazis". They were far too stupid to invent anything.

Today, most people that have not studied WWII Germany think that all Germans were Nazis, thus offending virtually all Germans.

But, there were some that were none too stupid, among them Speer, Von Braun, Porsche, Guderian, and even Heydrich. Misguided, opportunistic, power-seeking, denying some obvious truths, etc. all yes. But stupid, no.

--Bob Prosperi
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