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New Version of TI nspire CX II CAS
10-04-2020, 01:31 PM
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RE: New Version of TI nspire CX II CAS
(09-30-2020 09:38 PM)toml_12953 Wrote:  TI has just come out with an update of the nspire CX II CAS with a capacitive touchpad rather than the mechanical one. The new revision has a hardware code ending in AK. I have an AF model which is earlier. Is there a way to tell which revision you're getting from an unopened package? I'd like to update mine but don't want to risk buying another older model.

Adriweb Wrote:Just to be clear: it's the same on the outside. Just an internal component (and/or driver) change. Might have a better quality/precision sensing touch though. It's always been capacitive for the touch sensing part (the other option, resistive, wouldn't work, it needs more pressure etc.)

Since the Nspire Touchpad (2010), Nspires have had a capacitive touchpad, or at least I assumed it was capacitive as it worked with a very light touch. However, this touchpad was overlaid on top of a mechanical switch for the arrow keys and selecting.

Adriweb indicated above that there was no external difference. So just to clarify, are you saying that these arrow keys are now non-mechanical as well? Or is the same as it has been? (You could already configure the settings to select non-mechanically by tapping the touchpad.)
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