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Python survey 2020
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RE: Python survey 2020
(11-01-2020 05:59 AM)Wes Loewer Wrote:  I know they won't add it, but Python could use a DO-WHILE or REPEAT-UNTIL or equivalent loop structure where the condition is evaluated at the end of the loop. I don't know that I've ever used a language without such a loop construct. I know you can use a "while True:" and a "break" but that looks so kludgy.

(On the plus side, I don't know that I've seen another language with the while-else construction that Python has. That's kind of cool.)

You can do this:

while True:
   do something
   do some more
   a += 1
   If a >= 10:

That's the equivalent of
   do something
   do some more
   a = a + 1

I know you think it looks kludgy as did I, coming from a BASIC background, but if you use Python for a while you get used to it. Since Python programmers think in terms of While True, there's no incentive to change it.

Tom L
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