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[WP34s] Unexpected results in fraction mode
06-14-2014, 10:50 AM (This post was last modified: 06-14-2014 03:36 PM by pito.)
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RE: [WP34s] Unexpected results in fraction mode
(06-14-2014 09:10 AM)Marcus von Cube Wrote:  
(06-13-2014 09:46 PM)Dieter Wrote:  Yes – if you know where to find them.
Let's face it: the average user that is new to the project will never find the most recent version, ...
I am such an user.. I found the trunk, the svn checkouts the "34s trunk" only, so you have to copy few *.cmd files manually. The SF "how to" wiki needs an update (and all recent posts on the build "how to" are obsolete), otherwise I was able to build the latest rev of the emulator (with Marcus' few kind hints). My latest emulator build (r3668) shows the fraction issue has been fixed somehow. Now coping with the real build..
PS: I can checkout the complete tree now, the build of the calc binaries works too..
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