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Prime calculator sum(1.0002^n/n, 1, 20000)
12-30-2020, 09:02 PM
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RE: Prime calculator sum(1.0002^n/n, 1, 20000)
(12-27-2020 07:03 PM)John Keith Wrote:  
(12-27-2020 03:04 AM)Gil Wrote:  On the HP50G, I get the wished answer by writing
directly sum(1.0002^n/n, 1, 20000).

For the HP 50, the correct syntax is '\GS(n=1, 20000, 1.0002^n/n)' where \GS is the Sigma character (right-shift S).

On a physical HP 50g, I get 28.1439738407 in 354.6 seconds, or just under 6 min.

Oh, are we doing benchmarks now? Rewriting the expression in RPL as a FOR NEXT loop, a physical 50g with newRPL gives the answer in 6.4 seconds for 32 digits and 5.0 seconds with 16 digits precision.
As a curiosity, I ran the same on a physical Prime G1 with newRPL and it took 11.9 seconds with 32 digits which makes no sense... unless the clock is stuck at 100 MHz, will need to investigate this and report again, sorry.
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