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How to calculate the binomial in the HP30b?
12-31-2020, 11:50 AM (This post was last modified: 12-31-2020 11:57 AM by Stevetuc.)
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RE: How to calculate the binomial in the HP30b?
(12-30-2020 08:07 PM)FabioBrasil Wrote:  Hi
I purchased an HP30b financial calculator and am very satisfied. I used an HP12c for five months, but I didn't get used to the layout of the keys (very polluted look!). I found the HP30b more complete !. I know that the HP30b does the binomial calculation (Math> Probability> Binomial), but I don't know how to enter the data. I made a program for this, but I know that the calculator does it automatically. How do I enter the data for the binomial calculation?

for example: n = 10 k = 1 p = 0.1 I know the answer is 0.3874 (38,74%)

How do I calculate directly with the HP30b?


From the 30b user guide page 23: HP30b userguide

Binomial Functions
The binomial function calculates the probability of having up to k successes out of n throws,
when the probability of success is p.
Enter n and p each followed by = and type k and
navigate to the binomial function in the math menu.
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