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Help me w/freedback on RPN Calc? (Free) new iOS App
01-08-2021, 06:42 AM
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RE: Help me w/freedback on RPN Calc? (Free) new iOS App
Dear Max,

Many thanks for the comprehensive and valuable feedback - very much appreciated!

couple of replies:

x > 20:
Haha yes the factorial.. i totally forgot about it, dont use it much myself Wink Currently its limited because the calculator works with standard doubles (64bits) and doing larger factorials kicks it over that limit. same issue with the P(x,y) anc C(x,y) functions which of course use factorials on the back end.

key layout:
that's acually an easy one. ill consider adding a alternate layout option in settings.

already on the "todo" list for awhile. this will happen for sure.

memory "peek":
yes, great point. ill add this for sure.

key click volume:
understood, ill adjust volume.
haptics: i spent a long time trying things. the haptic feedback was, in my opinion, simply too slow. it is implemented and i think works fine for flick and pick - but for simple presses, it feels very unnatural. no matter what trick i used, i was not able to get it to feel natural and i think its because of a minute delay. same with audio, but its less bad..

ok thanks for feedback. i do plan on more options in settings. probably will get rod of X/Y.

once again thanks very much for the quality feedback, it's invaluable!

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