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Entering (and losing) programs on HP 48
01-12-2021, 03:42 AM
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RE: Entering (and losing) programs on HP 48
A variation of what Steve is suggesting, for entering long, troublesome RPL programs is to enter a portion of the program (with appropriate closing levels of brackets) that is valid (even if not complete) and save that into some variable, e,g, 'TEMP1'. When you're ready to proceed to the next section, recall TEMP1 to the stack, add additional code, and then save it to a new variable 'TEMP2. If this latest addition isn't valid and you lose it, you can go back and get TEMP1 from storage and try again. If the latest section is saved without error, then proceed as above, but now starting with TEMP2, saving to TEMP3 after adding more code, etc. Following this procedure, you will only lose the code typed-in in the most recent section and have the TEMPn VARs available to pick-up where you left off, without losing the whole thing.

--Bob Prosperi
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