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HEPAX File System, file names
01-13-2021, 03:34 PM
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HEPAX File System, file names
One of my current little projects is to expand my HP41 disassembler with support for the HEPAX RAM images. With the help of Ángel I now have the details of the files structure. What is lacking is how the file names are coded. According to the available documentation 7 characters are compressed in 6 10-bit words. After some attempts I am still pretty much in the dark as to how this is compressed. It appears that two-bit pairs are spread over the 6 available ROM words, but I fail to see any logic in the patterns.
Next task would be to understand how Register Files are compressed, one 7-byte HP41 register is compressed is 6 10-bit ROM words. Most logical would be if the same compression as the filenames are used, but who knows ...
Does anyone here have any detailed info about this?

Regards, Meindert
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