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Why are the HP Prime and HP-35s so unpopular?
03-08-2021, 03:18 AM
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RE: Why are the HP Prime and HP-35s so unpopular?

I can't help myself, but I like the HP-35s.

It has bugs, but I find not only one, if I use and program it.
So I have already forget the bugs.

What I like:

It has a a really big and competent printed manual. I think it's the last HP with a big manual. And no, I don't like PDFs and no I have no printer, tablets and not using my small smartphone.

It has a memory storage big enough for many small programs.

The HP-35s is not huge, has a nice key layout and complex numbers are not my biggest problems. The complex results are ok for me.

I have a Casio FX-991de plus, TI-30X Pro and a HP 300s+ too.

But the Casio as all Casio has like the HP PRIME not combined modes (like COMP and STAT etc), but HP-35s and the TI doesn't know this different modes. You must not switch and forget the input stack.

If I want RPN I'm using HP-35S and if I think AOS is easier, I'm using TI.

And Sorry, but the HP 300s+ seems to me as a Casio clone (same key layout and mode menu) and is no my choice.

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