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[Request] restart a spreadsheet
06-27-2014, 05:22 PM
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RE: [Request] restart a spreadsheet
Cyrille: Same "bad arguments" result with Spreadsheet app. At a more basic level I, was able to execute a1(-1):={} and it did not reset a1. Then I tinkered for a while and found things had changed so that "a1(-1):={}" or just entering "a1(-1)" would generate the "bad arguments" error. I do not know how to get out of this state, even starting with a new spreadsheet. Is there any chance you are working with a special calculator or special version of 6030/6031?

Thomas: (-1) references all the attributes of a cell such as formula, name, number format, etc. as described in the user manual page 209. You have managed to null out the cell formula so that blank is displayed and 0 is returned, but all the attributes are active and taking up memory space. Column 0 and Row 0 formulas will not take effect in the cells you have "reset" unless you manually select them and press backspace.

FYI the manual and "Cell" help screen describing foreground and background color indexes are reversed. Index 6 is foreground color and Index 7 is background (or fill) color.

fabila: You have set the value of the "reset" cells to "" which takes up memory and doesn't allow column 0, row 0 formulas to take effect, same as with the formula Thomas tried.

I know two quick ways to tell if a cell is reset. 1) Cell(R,C,-1) will return -1 rather than a list with 11 entries. 2) Enter a simple formula in row 0 or column 0. For example: Is D4 reset? At D0 enter "=Row". The row number will then be displayed in every cell, D1,D2,... that is reset. If any attribute is active, even if a cell just has a fill color, the row number is not displayed.

I do not mean to be dismissive of any efforts but hope everyone keeps trying and someone succeeds. I would greatly like to know why a1:zz9999(-1):={} works for Cyrille but not all of us.
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