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(49g/50g) Falling and Rising Factorials
04-19-2021, 07:47 PM (This post was last modified: 04-19-2021 07:51 PM by John Keith.)
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RE: (49g/50g) Falling and Rising Factorials
Updating to add a program to compute the q-factorials, [n]q!. With an integer n on level 2 and q on level 1, the program will return a list of the q- factorials from 0 to n. If all commands after the first LSCAN are removed, the program will return the q-numbers, [n]q.

The level 2 argument n must be an integer; q can be integer, real, complex, rational or symbolic. The program requires ListExt 1.3.

Technical information can be found here. Also see the thread on Gaussian binomial coefficients for related programs.


\<< SWAP 1 - LMRPT 1 { * 1 + EVAL } LSCAN 1 { * EVAL } LSCAN
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