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Indirect addressing for labels, HP-35S
03-04-2021, 12:38 AM
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Indirect addressing for labels, HP-35S
I know this is a museum site, but I'm hoping to find someone with some good programming knowledge in this one area.
After the final demise of my beloved HP 41CV, I'm trying to buck up and get proficient at programming the HP 35S I've gotten to replace at least a little bit of my old one.

The user's guide states that indirect addressing can be used for both variables AND labels. Only examples are given for addressing a variable location, though, and I've found nothing on the web that provides an example of addressing a label indirectly.

XEQ (i) doesn't seem to be possible, nor does GTO (i). I'd love to be able to program a jump or branch to a subroutine based on a number dynamically placed in the I register, but I'm finding no syntax that works.

Anyone have a suggestion or a programming trick that would clarify addressing a label rather than a variable?
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