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HP 41 Repair for inexperienced owner
03-05-2021, 01:03 PM (This post was last modified: 03-05-2021 01:04 PM by aurelio.)
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RE: HP 41 Repair for inexperienced owner
(03-05-2021 10:49 AM)dbhp67 Wrote:  Hi,

Here is a picture of the nuts. Do you mean unscrewing these and maybe spraying some contact cleaner in there?

From the responses I assume it is very unlikely that a chip will be damaged.

Answer to the earlier question : Yes, there is no response whatever from the calculator at the moment. I have a basic ability to check circuits and do a visual inspection and a clean.


DB, it does not power up as I understand.

looking at your picture it seems definively a CV board

@AndiGer I also thought that nuts were only on the 41c, but if you look please at the CV board shown on Diego's site, here if I'm not wrong in that picture I see traces around the holes which could be left by nuts

DB remove the nuts please and check maybe there's any more dirty or corrosion ... do not spray anything, just clean deeply with isopropyl alcohol (or water and vinegar) and verify the continuity of the circuits, and the conditions of the zebra connector.
I see still green on the PCB, in the right down corner, hope that when you will remove the mainboard you will not find a surprise Smile
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