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Persistent custom menu for DM42
03-29-2021, 10:30 PM
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RE: Persistent custom menu for DM42
(03-29-2021 10:43 AM)fossy Wrote:  Hello,

I like this extension and found it very useful.

(03-29-2021 10:43 AM)fossy Wrote:  But I think there are some things to correct:

- EXITALL does not return to CUSTOM menu - but the next key press will show the CUSTOM menu

Good catch - will fix that (or declare it a feature Wink )

(03-29-2021 10:43 AM)fossy Wrote:  - PRGM mode: I've used the keys [up] / [down] to browse through the program - this is impossible with the CUSTOM menu. It is possible to switch to the System menu with [CUSTOM] and use so [up] / [down] for program browsing

Actually that should work - if in PRGM mode "Exit" will exit custom menu. Have you tried that?

(03-29-2021 10:43 AM)fossy Wrote:  - perfect would be an configuration of this behavior On/Off persistant CUSTOM menu at all and On/Off CUSTOM menu while PRGM mode

I was thinking about that - maybe in some of future versions.


HP-15C, DM15L, HP-35S, DM42
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