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Emu48 Locate Character in a String
03-25-2021, 01:37 AM (This post was last modified: 03-25-2021 01:47 AM by MNH.)
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Emu48 Locate Character in a String
Is there an Emu48 function similar to Java's indexOf() method? I can load a text file

7,5000.0000,5000.0000,5/8 IRC SSMC LB 2108
8,5400.0000,5000.0000,5/8 IRC SSMC LB 2108
9,5400.0000,5400.0000,4X4 CM
10,5000.0000,5400.0000,4X4 CM

into the Emu48, which appears on the stack as a string with a CR character at the end of each line.
I figure I can remove a substring of the string at the CR character and store each substring in a list. Speaking of CR characters, how come there are so many of them in CHARACTERS 0-63? How do I know which CR character is being used? My list of lists will be in the form

{ { 7.0000
[ 5000.0000 5000.0000 ]
"5/8 IRC SSMC LB 2108"
} { 8.0000
[ 5400.0000 5000.0000]
"5/8 IRC SSMC LB 2108"
} }

and so on.
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