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HP-41, NoV-64 non-HEPAX software.
05-24-2015, 03:26 PM
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RE: HP-41, NoV-64 non-HEPAX software.
When I tried the non-HEPAX option in ClonixConfig.exe from the latest download from the site ( with Nov-64d I was greeted with a file not found message after 'Proceed'.

I had extracted the zip to C:\ClonixCD to be closest to root and conform to 8.3 DOS directory name format as advised so that was not the issue.

After finding this thread I tried adding Nov-64-N.asm file Diego provided in his post above to the ClonixCD directory and looks like it resolved the missing file problem but not sure this was the right thing to do/latest version of the missing file?

Or is there something from the latest distribution I didn't do properly?

Thanks in advance to Diego or anyone who knows!
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