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Anyone have PDF of these articles ?
04-15-2021, 08:46 AM
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RE: Anyone have PDF of these articles ?
(03-26-2021 07:22 PM)Gene Wrote:  Still looking for these TWO now:

1) "Now an 11-oz computer" - Business Week, January 19, 1974 page 55.
Some snippets can be found in Google Books by diligent searching, but that's not a PDF scan...
Quote:NEW PRODUCTS Now , an 11 - oz . computer That's what the new Hewlett - Packard calculator really is , at only $ 795 While 100 companies were locked in a fierce battle for the fast - growing consumer market for calculators during the past 18 months , Hewlett - Packard Co. had the high end of that market all to itself .
It has enough buttons to make any engineer quiver with excitement , but it can be programmed to do a specific task without use of the function buttons . The user...
When this is done , the HP - 65 reads the prerecorded instructions from the card into its memory and then is ready to solve complex problems that might otherwise...

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