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04-30-2021, 03:55 PM
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RE: broken!
Thank you to all nice people with ideas and links to interesting information!

The HP65 is working now. It was an unusual(?) error I think....

Inside the card reader there are four small plastic balls, the purpose is to press the card against the reader head during the read operation.
And then there is a five finger metal flap, working as the "springs" for these four balls (the fifth finger is ground I guess, always connected to the circuit board.)

One of these four plastic "balls" was full of goo from the more or less floating rubber (or polyeurathane) wheel. And was stuck in this position. Then the "backside" of this finger was in permanent contact with the circuit board. I guess this is some kind of "inhibit" function, re-arranging some functions for the cpu, during the read-card operation.

So cleaning up the mess here, so all four plastic balls, and the four metal fingers could go back to the "off"-position, did the trick !

Once again, thank you all for you interest in my post!
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