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(11C/15C) Extended power function
04-23-2021, 03:50 PM (This post was last modified: 04-23-2021 04:25 PM by Nihotte(lma).)
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RE: (11C/15C) Extended power function
(04-05-2021 10:53 AM)Nihotte(lma) Wrote:  (11C/15C) Extended power function

I have found out a copy of the decision tree which clarifies the process of the function. Here is a restitution, below:



x is a natural number (set of N)
    --> general case
x is a rational number (set of Q)
    1/x is even number  (as 1/ 1/2)
       Y >= 0
          --> general case
       Y < 0
           F?8 enabled
              --> Solution is a complex number (set of C)
           F?8 is disabled
              --> ERROR 0
   1/x is odd number   (as 1/ 1/3)
      --> -e^(x*ln(|Y|))   where  ln is natural logarithm and |Y| is abs function on Y

By extension, you can unterstand that you should generalize the use of the F?0 flag between HP11C and HP15C and just authorize g SF 8 before running the search, in the case you want to avoid the ERROR 0 and open the resulting to the complex solution (x is even and Y is negative).

So, just read CF 0, SF 0 and F?0 in the initial code !

Keep you safe !

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