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Python, separate file handling
04-28-2021, 03:22 PM
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RE: Python, separate file handling
For testing small programs I do the following; I make various small definitions that I can then start separately with a call to the relevant definition. I don't have to delete a small individual program every time and make another one again.

Continuing with my simple research:

I miss the instruction “import” (with soft key Tmplt or Cmds), but also the instructions “import <lib_ names>” (for example; import math). The advantage is (if these are available for all libraries) that you can immediately see which libraries can be imported.

With soft key Cmds -> math -> sqrt (as an example!), help indicates “math.sqrt (x)” with an explanation. Inserting this only inserts sqrt, without math. and parentheses.
Seems better to insert math. before and insert () after.
You now must type this in every time.
Of course this applies to all corresponding instructions.

Am I missing something? (pff, I miss something more often!)
Sorry if this has been reported before.

— Dirk Hartland
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