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Software 2.1.14558 (Beta): First Impressions
04-26-2021, 04:10 PM (This post was last modified: 04-26-2021 04:22 PM by compsystems.)
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RE: Software 2.1.14558 (Beta): First Impressions
the new CONST command does not allow compiling the code

[EXPORT] CONST Var1:=Val1[, Var2:=Val2, ... Var8:=Val8];

In a program, you can use the keyword CONST in front of global variable definition.
Any attempts to store a value in a variable so designated will result in a run time error. This allows you to protect a global variable from accidental modification by the user.

TERMINAL CMD (please more examples)

Terminal(n):= obj
Terminal(-n):= {obj, color, font, flags}
Terminal(0):= {visible, maxLines, xpos, ypos}

The Terminal function gives you access to the terminal data and allows you to control it...
Terminal returns a list of all the items currently displayed by the terminal

Terminal(n) allows you to access the nth item displayed by the terminal

Terminal(-n) returns the nth item and the associated meta data as a list, the firt item is the displayed item, the other 3 items are the color, the font and the flags following the PRINT2D function info

Terminal(0) return a list of variois Terminal information: {terminal_visible, max_Numer_Of_VisibleLines, {Current.xscroll, max_xscroll}, {current_yscroll, max_yscroll}, nb_Lines_in_terminal}

Terminal:={objects} allows to change the object displayed by the terminal all at once

Terminal(n):= obj allows to change the nth object displayed by the terminal

Terminal(-n):= {obj, color, font, flags} allow to change the nth object displayed by the terminal, including the meta data

Terminal(0):= {visible, maxLines, xpos, ypos} allows you to control the terminal parameters, visibility, max number of lines and scroll positions, note that a -1 in any of these means "no change"

I think you need a function that allows you to enter Terminal(); and exit the terminal view from a program code.


The FLOOR and CEILIN commands are widely used, for them there are mathematical symbols, which are in the Unicode font.

PHP Code:
PRINT2D'floor(17 / 3)' ); // print as function floor(17 / 3), but ⌊ 17/3 ⌋ is real 2D mathbook print, 8970 (⌊) & 8971(⌋)  unicode char
PRINT( "\n" );
PRINT2D'ceiling(17 / 3)' ); // print as ceiling(17 / 3), but ⌈ 17/3 ⌉ is real 2D mathbook print, 8968(⌈)/8969(⌉) unicode char
PRINT2Dceiling(17 3) ); // 6
PRINT( "\n" );
PRINT2D'abs(3+4*i)' ); // | 3 + 4i |
PRINT2Dabs(3+4*i) ); // 5
PRINT( "\n" ); 
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