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Python script caused prime reboot - beta 2021-4-27
05-01-2021, 10:14 AM
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RE: Python script caused prime reboot - beta 2021-4-27
(05-01-2021 01:46 AM)tcab Wrote:  Restoring from backup (that I made pre-beta firmware) causes my G1 Prime to reboot any time I open the Prime Folder tree via the HP Connectivity kit. So I cannot access any of my files and resources on my G1 Prime anymore (via the PC). Using the calculator normally works ok.

So I formatted the G1, installed the latest firmware (21-04-28), and restored from backup - same problem - Prime reboots itself whenever I access it from the Connectivity kit.

Accessing a cleanly formatted G1 Prime from the Connectivity kit works ok, its only after the backup is restored that this reboot problem happens. I guess I'll have to rebuild my G1 prime from scratch by dragging resources from a virtual prime into a freshly formatted prime? I wonder how much I can salvage this way.

So this apparent bug in the backup/restore situation, together with the corruption of the Python App user space if you use certain Python syntax means that using this beta is much riskier than I thought.

And what is the behaviour without restoring from backup? I also have some defective Backups which I do not recover full. I open the zip file as thomas said and copy my programs via CK step by step. Sometimes there should be a problem with files from the root directory (e.g. settings, calc.hpsettings and so on).
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