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First python project : HP41 emulator + hints of workflow
05-18-2021, 11:06 PM
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RE: First python project : HP41 emulator + hints of workflow
(05-16-2021 01:14 PM)Oulan Wrote:  HP PRIME development workflow in micro-python:

> An important directory on the PC is 'HP Connectivy Kit/Content/app.hpappdir/' in your 'Documents'

The 'C:\Users\Andy\Documents\HP Connectivity Kit\Content' directory has no .hpappdir directories in it, and nothing called 'app.hpappdir', only the directories 'Exam Modes' and 'Results'. If you mean 'app.hpappdir' to refer to any app being developed, then ok, so I copy a random .hpappdir from 'C:\Users\Andy\Documents\HP Connectivity Kit\Calculators\MYVIRTCALC1' into 'Content' - what meaning or effect does that actually have? - I see no effect in the virtual calculator or in the conn kit, which suggests 'Content' is an arbitrary location and any other directory on the PC could be used as a temporary work area, right?

Copying a .hpappdir e.g. Py41b_copy.hpappdir into 'C:\Users\Andy\Documents\HP Connectivity Kit\Calculators\MYVIRTCALC1' whilst the virtual calculator is running then hitting 'Refresh' from the r. click menu of the calculator listed in the conn. kit does not update the virtual calculator - in fact 'Refresh' actually DELETES the new .hpappdir directory I just copied in.

> First do a 'Sync' from the contextual menu of the v/calc.

I cannot find a 'Sync' menu item in the virtual calc, all I see when I is the regular 'Calculator/Skins/Edit/Help' menu structure. Inside the 'Calculator' menu there is only the menu item to 'Reset' not 'Sync'?
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