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DIMGROB back from Graphics Variable?
05-26-2021, 10:07 PM (This post was last modified: 05-26-2021 10:32 PM by matalog.)
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RE: DIMGROB back from Graphics Variable?
I found a way to do it, but it will obviously require a large amount of space in the program, it works though, and can be used to put sprites into a program and not need to send any files along with the program.

LOCAL CXL:="DIMGROB(G1,26,26,{";
    FOR X FROM 0 TO 25 DO
  CXL:=CXL+GETPIX_P(G1,X,Y)+", ";

This saves the colours of the 'sprite' or graphic which can be loaded as a PNG, to a notes file called COL, which can be viewed on computer, and then pasted as a DIMGROB, and therefore entered into a program.
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