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(48G 49G 50G) Runge-Kutta Diff Eqn solver
07-16-2021, 08:05 PM
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RE: (48G 49G 50G) Runge-Kutta Diff Eqn solver
I have to agree with rcthacker about the "utility of the RKF solver".

I ran into this same issue some 20 odd years ago. The example in the HP 48G Series User's Guide showed the solution for a 2nd order differential equation with a Vector-Matrix equation. This works OK for Linear 2nd order differential equations or for a Linear System of 1st order differential equations. And even then within the SOLVE application - Differential Equations section.

Nowhere in any of the various books published for the 28 or 48s was an example given of solving a nonlinear 2nd order differential equation by way of using a program object.

On the other hand, I have not check to see how using Vector-Matrix equation on the 50G which allows for symbolic matrices might work.

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