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#pragma mode inquiry revisited
06-06-2021, 11:07 PM
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RE: #pragma mode inquiry revisited
(06-04-2021 07:53 PM)Liamtoh Resu Wrote:  Can anybody share a list of the complete pararmeters for #pragma mode?

There really is nothing to be gained from figuring out the parameters for #pragma. It was put into place as a means of allowing on-calculator programmers to create their programs using their specific settings and have the code run on other users' calculators without forcing the users to change their settings to match those of the programmer.

For example, here in the USA we use the decimal point as our fraction mark. Many other countries use the comma as their fraction mark. Thus, programs that use commas and decimal points could end up causing compatibility issues without the use of the #pragma statement. While inside the program editor, pressing the [Menu] key will allow you to quickly insert a #pragma statement that matches your calculator's current settings. When the program is "compiled" the calculator uses the #pragma statement to decide how to interpret certain special characters and translate them properly.

This is how I understand it. I'm sure others will correct any misunderstandings.

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