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Prime Programming help needed for a (still) newb Prime user
06-17-2021, 07:00 PM (This post was last modified: 06-17-2021 07:04 PM by spiff72.)
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Prime Programming help needed for a (still) newb Prime user
Hello all,

I have a programming question that is trivial on my HP50g, but not so much with the Prime.

I often use my calculator as a simple "counter" for incrementing a number on the stack by a varying number, and I assign simple programs for these to softkeys.

The simplest possible example (as I do it on the 50g) - "count by 1":
<< 1 + >>

I store this as "CNT1", and press the softkey for it (after initially putting a zero on the stack), and I can increment the value on the stack with one button press.

For the Prime, I came up with a simple prog:
// change the value in the RETURN statement for
// different count increments
EXPORT countby(c1)
 RETURN c1+1;

KEY K_Comma()
 RETURN "countby()";

The above works, and assigns the countby() program to the unshifted comma key for the user keyboard.

In practice this is rather clunky, though:
- Put zero on stack
- Press shift
- Press Help (for user keyboard)
- Press comma key (which puts countby() in the command line)
- Press enter

Is there a more elegant way to do this without requiring 4 keypresses? (Maybe within a custom app with an option to change the count increment?)

Just fishing for ideas - I am sooo used to the RPL programming that this Prime is hard to get used to!
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