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Request for geezer mode RPN
12-20-2013, 11:52 PM
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RE: Request for geezer mode RPN
I'd be satisfied if ...

in my hypothetical "Legacy RPN" mode only,

the lowest two levels of the stack acted like the old x and y levels with respect to two keys.....

x to the y

and the nth root key where it is assumed it's yth root of x.

This would still allow me to treat the Prime exactly the way I use my other older HP ENGINEERING calcs such as my various HP48's without making really stupid mistakes.

When I want to explore the world of mathematics and use CAS, I would change the entry mode, probably to textbook, and forgo using RPN.

I assume there may be some sort of flag system in the Prime but I've yet to search the PDF manual for it, and there is or will be a way to redefine keys.

If key definitions can be based on what entry mode the calc is in, I'll eventually do what I want myself but I don't understand why it's not just offered.

Free extra sales of the Prime....if "Mature" engineers can make it act like the calcs we're used too by a selection under our control.
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