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Removing Numeric Integration in Exam Mode
08-21-2021, 08:39 PM (This post was last modified: 08-22-2021 01:15 AM by trojdor.)
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RE: Removing Numeric Integration in Exam Mode
(08-21-2021 03:20 PM)Albert Chan Wrote:  I never understood the rationale of exam mode.
With "normal" scientific calculator a cheap commodity, why bother ?

Better yet, have the classroom provide cheap calculators for exams (if needed).
(preferably all identical, so no students have an unfair advantage)

This is indeed the obvious 'exam mode' solution, and many schools in the US do that very thing.
(Most with differentiating colors, so that the students can't "accidentally" take them home, lol.)

I, too, have trouble with the exam mode concept, and am torn between opinions.
While I completely understand the need to teach math basics without the 'crutch' of a calculator, I also clearly remember the same arguments used today (against graphing calculators) being applied against allowing calculators to replace slide rules in the any level.

Now, while I dearly love (and still occasionally use) slide rules, I'm not about to pretend they are the best tool to solve most math problems.

On the other hand, the engineering students I tutor are (generally) woefully lacking in critical thinking, and what I consider to be very basic problem solving skills.
So...exam mode or not...whatever they're doing isn't working very well.

I'm not really sure what the best solution is...


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