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We are currious
09-07-2021, 12:13 PM
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RE: We are currious
Hello Matthias,

(09-07-2021 11:47 AM)HP-Collection Wrote:  Bay 133863747414, $208. I'm absolut currious about the high price.
IMHO, there was nothing there that justified that price ... at all.

(09-07-2021 11:47 AM)HP-Collection Wrote:  The HP41C Demonstration Cards are nice, indeed. But as the cards are overwriten by hand I'm not shure, if the original software is still in there.
HP-41C demonstration software is available on tape, LIF, ROM, MOD & PDF.

Ángel's Demo ROMs (SYSDEMO1.ROM, SYSDEMO2.ROM, SYSDEMO3.ROM, SYSDEMO4.ROM) is available in Monte's ROM archive →


PS: cannot post this on my web site, still down, PM me if you want one of the other format (LIF, MOD or PDF) or the 4 pages cardboard manual PDF scan.
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