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HP82143A Rollers
09-17-2021, 09:57 AM
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RE: HP82143A Rollers
(09-14-2021 11:08 PM)cesarb94 Wrote:  I'm glad it was of help!

Actually my first try at it was stretching out the o-rings from an HP67 repair kit I had laying around, but did not get reliable results. The ones I used in the final repair (4.47 ID x1.78 Th)mm are a little larger than those for the 67 and now the printer runs perfectly.

Best regards.

I did it. Thanks! It’s working fine.
But it kind of a pain to do because mine is a bit different inside than yours. The head doesn’t tilt back because of an extra tab on the back.. I forgot to put a dab of C.A glue, but it still works just fine.
One of the original rings was ok-ish. So I measured it with calipers.
I filed down the ends of the axe a bit to have pretty much the same overall
diameter with the O-Rings on. It’s still a tad larger (+.06mm), but it’s fine. It makes a bit of a rubbing noise because of the extra pressure, but that’s ok.

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