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Yet another HP simulator (using C + X11)
12-02-2021, 10:18 AM
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RE: Yet another HP simulator (using C + X11)
(12-02-2021 01:07 AM)cdmackay Wrote:  But the real problem was that many mouse-clicks on the keys are missed. More than half.

Not sure why that is - I frequently use a remote desktop with my headless Raspberry Pi and haven't seen that problem. Are you using X over SSH? (I just enable XDMCP on my LAN and use Xephyr to connect. If someone can sniff those packets I've got bigger problems to worry about than un-encrypted network traffic!).

You can't (yet) easily change the font size but you can make the window bigger by modifying the following lines in x11-calc.h. I added this feature so I could resize the windows to fit the display when using one of the Pi touch screens. If you want to mess with the font _names_ they are defined in x11-calc-font.h.


#define SCALE_WIDTH     1
#define SCALE_HEIGHT    1

Nice to know to compiles with unstable!

I'm not sure how things work on a MacOS but if you have the X headers installed you should be able to compile it natively..

Mike T.

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