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Is an infrared printer still worth getting?
10-15-2021, 01:30 PM
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RE: Is an infrared printer still worth getting?
(10-15-2021 09:49 AM)Siegfried Wrote:  
(10-12-2021 08:04 PM)striegel Wrote:  This must sound like bragging, but I feel really lucky that I found one for only $18.00 back in 2018. Now, this one didn't come with a box, manual, or AC power supply but it arrived in great condition and even came with a nearly-full roll of thermal paper installed.
I got a B with repaired battery terminals for 40EUR including shipping last June and a fully boxed A (sold together with a box full of calcs) for about about the same. They seem to see less love in Europe.

There is a modern replacement that supports the HP IR protocol but when trying to buy one I was quoted a price of EUR 357 plus tax plus delivery which seemed a bit over the top. I had a suspicion that that might be for a pack of more than one but never got a reply when asking the vendor. As printers of this size and type are are sold for around 25-50 EUR on amazon, I wonder where that price tag comes from. Tinkerers could probably mod a modern printer to accept the HP IR protocol but you still would not gain any speed advantage as the printer won't send data any faster. I'll stick to my oldies for the time.

If you want to build your own interface, you can set up any USB-capable printer to work with HP "Redeye" IR. Then you don't have to modify the printer.

Tom L
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