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HHC 2021 conference videos and USB drive
10-06-2021, 05:12 PM
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HHC 2021 conference videos and USB drive
HHC 2021 went very well as expected. Even though we only had 22 attendees, we still had plenty of great presentations. Everyone seemed to have a great time and we are all looking forward to next year, when hopefully there will no longer be travel restrictions and many more will be able to come. A huge thank you to Richard Nelson for organizing the conference and to Gene Wright for hosting and doing lots of behind-the-scenes work.

As in past years, I recorded the talks. Unfortunately, I had some technical difficulties. I do a dual-camera setup, with one powered by AC power and one on batteries. A few weeks ago I checked the 5 batteries I had, and I discovered 2 were totally bad and 3 seemed OK, so I ordered 2 new batteries. However, upon recording at the conference I discovered the "new" batteries only had about half the usable capacity that the old ones had when new, and the 3 old ones I had were only able to provide perhaps 10% capacity. This means my secondary camera was frequently running out of battery power, even with charging multiple batteries simultaneously. Also I had a few issues when a camera would unexpectedly stop recording and I wouldn't notice for a bit, so in a few cases I am using images of the slides with the video of the presenter to fill in the gaps.

Thankfully, I still ended up with some good recordings, just the second angle was not always possible. I don't think I missed more than a total of maybe 30 seconds of presentations throughout the whole conference, and that was mostly due to some presenters unexpectedly starting too quickly for me to have my camera ready. And I am also grateful to Gene Wright for manning my cameras (and maneuvering battery swaps on one of them!) while I gave my talk.

The recordings are now all uploaded to YouTube here:

Calculator Bibliography Update - Felix Gross (27:55)
Calculator Challenge - Bob Prosperi (27:35)
What's on the HHC 2021 USB Drive - Eric Rechlin (25:42)
Computing Logarithms by Integration - Richard Schwartz (17:02)
The HP 9808A/B Unicorn - The Product that Almost Was - Chuck McCord (28:02)
Starting a Fire - Richard Schwartz (10:10)
What's New in the PPC Archive Version 2.39 - Jake Schwartz (23:29)
Techniques for Digitally Preserving Technical Manuals and Other Books - Eric Rechlin (99:09)
Calculator Ad Price Analysis - Gene Wright (2:34)
Lines and Graphs - Gene Wright (32:00)
Diagnosing Problems with the HP-19C With Focus on the Printer - Jim Johnson (29:00)
Remembering Thomas M. Whitney - Jim Johnson (2:54)
CC41 A Touch Typist's Calculator - Craig Bladow (27:53)
Something About Keyboards - David Ramsey (39:40)
Rockwell Calculators - Gene Wright (22:58)
Make Your Own Slide Rule - Richard Schwartz (25:26)
What We Started - Richard Nelson (65:25)
6502 Calculator Projects - Joey Shepard (27:10)
History of Floating Point Processors - Eric Smith (38:12)
Accuracy Comparisons, 7 Methods & 30 Programs - Richard Nelson (22:54)
Another Perspective of the Scanning Projects - Content - Bob Prosperi (39:21)
Award Winners - Gene Wright and Richard Nelson (6:35)

That's a total of 10 hours, 41 minutes, and 6 seconds of recordings!

Additionally, for those who were wanting a copy of the 128 GB USB drive included in the conference registration packet, that can be purchased here for $45 plus shipping ($5-15 depending on destination).
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