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HHC2021 Bob's Calculator Challenge
10-09-2021, 06:28 AM
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RE: HHC2021 Bob's Calculator Challenge
Thanks a lot for this Andi,

I couldn’t make the link work at first, but now all is good.

I was quite sure that the 28c was about a year before the 28s came out - the 18b was introduced mid 86. in the fall that year I had a chance to peek into the - not completed - 28c manual. Most can imagine the reaction I had. Same package as the 18b and then symbolic algebra, graphics, RPL and all the new stuff.

(10-08-2021 10:28 AM)AndiGer Wrote:  
(10-08-2021 07:04 AM)KimH Wrote:  Can’t find a list anywhere with intro- and obsoletion dates. I am sure one exist, but don’t know where.

Here you can find some info on discontinuation ...
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