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pyilper and logging of printer files: where are they?
10-25-2021, 10:23 AM (This post was last modified: 10-26-2021 09:20 AM by floppy.)
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RE: pyilper and logging of printer files: where are they?
Found it and modified it.
Weird things I experienced (and the solution which work for me on Debian64bits):
a) when a Terminal1 is with "Device enabled" clicked, the Printer1 area "Device enabled", "Log Printer1" is not working despite both are clicked. This is not what I was expecting. Clicking and changing status of "Device enabled" and "log xx" in the same session seems not making it
b) .. you want to log the printer1 output? deactivate the "Terminal1" "Device enabled", and activate the "Printer1" "Log Printer1" &"Device enabled". Then go from pyilper and V41 out. Then start freshly pyilper and V41 (dont change the setup you made in the previous session). Printer logging works.
Looks like the printer1.log file is created at start of pyilper when the boxes are clicked; it means there is no dynamic setup (for the printer1 log file) which can be modified when pyilper was already started.
The number of lines which will be written into printer1.log is limited, too (to few 100).
Dont know if it is only a behaviour in Linux/Anaconda. I did not check in Win10.
Another ToDo on my list: check the pyilper python code and submit requests for improvements in github
a) larger number of lines in printer1.log
b) creation of printer1.log file, or appending to the existing printer1.log file, when the box "Device enabled" and "Log Printer1" clicked and (trigger of it) any input is identified.

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