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pyilper and logging of printer files: where are they?
10-26-2021, 04:50 PM
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RE: pyilper and logging of printer files: where are they?
From the pyILPER manual:
Device enabled checkbox: If checked, the virtual HP-IL generic printer is available and can be used as HP-IL device. The HP-IL loop must always be reconfigured after activation or deactivation.

Enabling or disabling devices in pyILPER is like adding or removing devices from a HP-IL loop which needs a reconfiguration of the HP-IL controller. Otherwise a new device will not be accessible. To reconfigure the loop switch the HP-41 off and on.

From the pyILPER manual:
Log Printer checkbox: Activates writing printer output to the file Devicename.log in the pyILPER working directory. Output is always appended to that file. A time stamp in the file marks the start and the end of each logging. The log file is closed automatically on program termination.

Log buffering (in the Configuration menu): enable or disable buffering of the log file. If log buffering is off the log file output is flushed to disk after an end of line was encountered. This enables watching the log file output but may decrease the execution speed of pyILPER considerably.

There is no number of lines limit for log files. Please mind that log buffering is enabled by default. In this case the log file is flushed if the file is closed (pyILPER termination or Log Printer checkbox unchecked) or the OS file buffer is full.

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