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SPICE Series Replacement Battery Packs
11-06-2021, 02:41 AM
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RE: SPICE Series Replacement Battery Packs
Rebuild the original pack with 2 x AA flat-top NiCD cells, and some conductive material to connect the 2 cells in the end opposite the contacts. You can then easily remove the cells and charge them in a smart charger when needed.

You should not take a chance and try charging ready-made battery packs in the calculator, it's too risky, you may kill the ACT by even a momentary slip or "bump" of the machine while charging.

If you don't have the original pack frame/parts, you can simply wrap 2 cells with tape and include the conductor at the far end. You'll have to rip off the tape each time you charge the batteries, but tape is cheap. Smile

--Bob Prosperi
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