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HP Prime G2 stuck in exam mode
12-21-2021, 03:38 PM
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RE: HP Prime G2 stuck in exam mode

Funny - it was right there on the screen:

"Connect USB to end Exam Mode"

AND that was all it needed - turn the PC and calculator on - connect them and no more Exam Mode.

All too simple fore me to believe it could be that easy.




Hi Stephen,

A computer, tablet, or another Prime.

As it turn's out, if you enter Exam Mode locally and use the Basic list of blocked operations, it is stuck there indefinitely - until you connect the USB port as I just did.

Only when you (Select) Configure and choose the operations to be blocked - can you also set an exam time (8 hours max) and a password to exit early. Since the Proctor does this (likely via wireless, or USB connection, or even by hand on your Prime) - there is no easy way to cheat.


Hi Bob,

They could cheat that way, if the basic profile was chosen for Exam Mode. But using the Configure method blocks that.




When I was "stuck" in Basic Exam Mode, the Prime flashed a green light on the top hone edge (even with the power off) - indicating it was in exam mode. If you are in Configure Exam Mode, there are two more different color LEDs that flash in a definite sequence and apparently synchronized with everyone else taking the test.



I got stuck because I didn't read more of the manual before I dove in - and because I didn't believe the solution that was right there on the screen. Thanks to Tim for the dope slap - and to Bob and Stephen for jumping in.

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