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HP32E Power Supply (Or equivelent Spice) Voltages
12-29-2021, 06:27 PM
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RE: HP32E Power Supply (Or equivelent Spice) Voltages
I wish I could help out but I don't have access to one of the Spice models.

The logic of the day was about 6V, but this circuitry must have changed slightly with only a single rail power supply, so not sure. The other output, as you probably surmised, is for a constant current source for the LED displays of which only one LED segment is on at any one time.

The coil is probably still ok, unless the battery acid got to the wires. Maybe it is worthwhile just re-creating the power supply board with a new PCB. The transistors and zener may still be serviceable and the rest are common parts.

The turns ratio may be a matter of carefully unpacking it and trying to figure it out. You never know, but I doubt if that info is floating around.


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