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Python version on the HP Prime
02-16-2022, 09:17 PM
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RE: Python version on the HP Prime
Looks like an interesting program. As it is tailored for a wider output than the Prime provides, some beautifying actions are necessary. In my very first approach:

.zip (Size: 13.64 KB / Downloads: 28)
  • replaced all the "----" and "====" strings by "-"*20 and "="*20 thus providing an easy method to adjust the width of these lines later at will
  • replaced "°" by "dg" as this doesn't exist anywhere in the code, that makes it easier to replace them later again ("°") causes garbled output of the "print" command
  • Some output lines had arbitrary line brakes. Fixed a couple of them
  • in order to have a reasonable display, the system font should be "Small Font"
  • spacing with blanks doesn't really work on the Prime, hold your breath for a nicer solution Smile
Next will be an input form, that retains the values you have entered.

BTW this code perfectly runs on my Windows PC as well as on my Android devices (Pydroid 3)
BTW 2: I don't have any knowledge of the Astro subject, simply tampering with the code Smile

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