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[43S] Let's try a poll on the new forum :-)
01-26-2014, 02:33 PM
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RE: [43S] Let's try a poll on the new forum :-)
(01-26-2014 01:34 PM)Ed Wright Wrote:  Regarding part 1, I realize the poll was closed, but the discussion was ongoing so I thought it fair to express my opinion. Regarding part 2, I don't even pretend to be able to force the design team to do anything. I assumed that by conducting a poll you were interested in peoples opinions and perhaps intended to use the results to influence the design. It appears your mind is already made up, so further discussion is pointless.

Good grief, writing here is a permanent diplomatic effort! Either people don't comprehend or they are offended. Please, Sir, I'm a German physicist and used to express my thoughts straightforward (no time to waste by pampering). Of course we are interested in people's opinions (else I wouldn't have conducted a poll, would I?). If the result would have been clear it may (probably) have influenced the design (did you see the Wink in my post above?). It was not, however. And with such an ambiguous result: what do you expect? We will decide according to our preferences because somebody has to decide. BTW, "discussion" is no negative word in my environment - and nothing is carved in stone so far.


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