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[43S] Let's try a poll on the new forum :-)
03-25-2014, 11:26 AM
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RE: [43S] Let's try a poll on the new forum :-)
(02-26-2014 07:02 AM)walter b Wrote:  Please look here for the news from our HW folks.


I'm a bit confused as to where discussion about the HW / SW on the 43S takes place. Is there a particular preferred thread or something?

Anyway, I've accumulated some questions on reading the various threads:


a) which processor is being used? I only read something like "an ARM-based SOIC". I'm used to programming the Broadcom BCM2835 (on the Raspberry Pi) (which is pretty weird for an ARM chip) in assembler. I was pleased to see that the hardware the 34S is based on uses an Atmel ARM microcontroller, as I'm familiar with those and really like Atmel documentation.

b) will the 43S use keys scavenged from current HP calculators, or what? Even if not, does anyone know which current HP calc has the nicest keys? HP 12C, 12C platinum, 15C LtdEd, 35s?

c) what is the display being used? It sounds really nice.

d) does the HW team have (access to) a 3D printer or CNC milling machine?


a) regarding the exponent issue :-) I too prefer E to EXP or EEX or (god forbid) 10x -- it's unambiguous and less cluttered (and used on the 42S).

Regarding the display (in combination with complex numbers)...

How about 123.4 - 3.141,5102i rather than 123.4 - i3.141 5•102.
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